The Chemical And Physiological Effects Drugs Had On Human Body

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As an adolescent, I was interested in the biochemical and physiological effects drugs had on the human body. It was fascinating to me how something as simple as taking Advil could relieve a bad headache or taking Nyquil could ease the symptoms of a cold. I was unaware that I wanted to become a pharmacist and or that I would enjoy patient interactions until I started shadowing a pharmacist. The first day I volunteered at my local pharmacy an older gentleman walked in after having had a check-up with his physician. I noticed that he looked dazed and confused as he handed the prescription to the pharmacy technician. He started to explain to us that his doctor changed his medications and did not understand why or what his new medications were. The pharmacist in charge stepped in and consulted the patient. She explained to him that the doctor changed his blood pressure pill to a diuretic medication, which has a different mechanism of lower his blood pressure. She continued to explain to him that his doctor also prescribed a new cholesterol medicine and advised the patient to take his cholesterol pills at night since the majority of the cholesterol produced in the body occurs while we sleep. After the pharmacists consulted the patient I could see it in his face that his mind was at ease. That was the moment I knew that becoming a pharmacist was the right career choice for me. I want to help educate patients on their medications and become the most accessible health professional…

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