Essay on The Cheating Scandal Rises in Park Middle School

894 Words May 27th, 2015 4 Pages
Kaung Wai Yan Kyaw
Prof J Hurley
English 151 RW

There are a few factors why cheating scandal started in Park Middle School. No Child Left Behind, Poverty, Superintendent Beverly Hall, Principle Waller and Damany Lewis are the main factors. Education systems, setting high standard for schools that are in an impoverished area, have made teachers as well as principle to use unlawful way to meet the systems target. NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND Law, sets a standard for every school in the states. The Law requires 58% of students passing math and 68% of students passing language art, or Parks would be classified as a “school in need of improvement” for sixth year and the state could shut down the school. According to Rachel Aviv, “the
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I think she deliberately did not stop the school that were cheating because she want to get the award “Superintendent of the Year” and she want her district to receive money from many foundations.
Christopher Waller is the principal of Parks. At first he has no intention to cheat, but when he was told that “other school were cheating in order to reach the standard and he realized that “the school couldn’t meet its targets that year”. He tries to persuade other teachers to cheat by saying” if you can’t beat them, join them” and He told himself that “We’re helping them. They’ll catch up by eighth grade.” Waller frequently pressures the staffs by telling them that the school would be closing or taken over if they are not able to achieve the target. He wrote teachers’ targets in marker on the floor of the entryway to their classrooms, in view of the students. Waller form a team so that they can cheat on the test flawlessly and some teachers who are favored, get their own reserved parking spaces. Waller is not entirely wrong because he is trying to save the school from being shut down. In my opinion, Waller is fixed mindset person because Lewis told Waller that his students are able to pass the test but Waller insists on cheating. Base on the article Brainology, fixed mindset person are less willing to try and they would use other method to achieve the same result.

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