Essay on The Chattanooga Ice Cream Division

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The Chattanooga Ice cream Division is a case study that shows just how important team work is and has to be a leading factor for any type of business to succeed. After reading the case it is clear that the lack of communication was the main point of concern from the start. The meeting was held to inform the teams of managers know that they would lose a spot in the store chain in which would clearly hurt the business (Bethel, 2011). In the meeting it was clear that Charles Moore had lacked of communication from each department. The department heads were all reluctant to share any thoughts or ideas during the meetings.
Then again, one might ask how this would benefit the company if the ideas are never spoke of. Once the meeting was begun and Moore made the announcement that the company had been replaced by another line called Sealtest this is where all the chaos would ensue. Division manager Lee Holly claimed he saw this coming all along, and knew that the other managers did a poor job of maintaining inventory. This type of withholding of information and or ideas said a lot about Holly’s character.
Views from sales manager Stephanie Krane, was the only one that had a potential to the solutions as to how to fix the issues at hand. She had clearly done inquiries and even ventured outside of her department and further researched other areas as it pertained to other departments. Krane is an example of a team player who was not interested in only her department being in good…

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