The Charter School Application Process Essay

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Interviewer: Tell me a little bit about your experiences working in the charter sector here in Delaware.

Interviewee: I have been head of the charter office for two and a half years, since November of 2013. When I joined the office, everyone was gearing up for the new application process, of applications that were due at the end of December 2013. From that, there were eight applications; five that were forwarded for full review for the Chargeable Accountability Committee, and four were ultimately approved.

Interviewer: And, that was a large workload.

Interviewee: That was a very large workload and my staff at the time was four people and it dropped down to tow. It was also interesting because it was not only my first Delaware, but it was Delaware’s first under the new charter school law, which significantly increased the rigor of the charter school application process. It also gave the DEO some expanded powers.

Interviewer: What was the biggest change that happened?

Interviewee: There were a few more additions to the criteria that an application had to meat in order to be approved. There was also a change in the process where, instead of forwarding every single application for review, the department could do an initial review to make sure it was complete and that it had some chance of being proofed before sending it forward.

So, it knocked three out of consideration that were just not ready for the review and I forwarded the other five. Politically it was a very…

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