The Charter Of Rights And Freedoms Essay

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The Charter of Rights and Freedoms is the rights we have as canadians living in Canadian society. It has had many affects on society, and many effects on criminal law in Canadian society. The Charter has affected many people in positive and negative ways as it is essentially, the way we run canadian society, it is not perfect. The Charter has had a major impact, it was formerly known as the British North American Act or BNA act that was adopted from britain. In 1982 Canada created its own Charter and ways to govern society in Canada. It has had many major impacts in our society in positive and negative ways. It has shaped the way we have as Canadians live as it is our rights and the main guidelines we live by. The Charter of Rights and Freedoms has changed Canada in positive and negative ways, but the main goal of the Charter is providing all Canadians with basic rights, and freedom as its shaped Canada into what it is today.
Since the Charter has been introduced it has had a major impact upon criminal law, it has changed the way police protect our society. Since the Charter was introduced police have had to do things much differently in terms of arresting, and enforcing the law. One of the major changes that police saw was the new way we chose to commit people of a crime, the term “ innocent until proven guilty’’ was put into effect once the Charter was put into place. Cops could no longer presume you were guilty, that was a major change for law enforcement as it favoured…

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