The Charlie Company: The Vietnam War

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A sincere group of brothers, the Charlie Company was one of the latest combat infantry companies in the Vietnam War to be recruited, trained and sent to fight all together. The Vietnam conflict was a war whose backgrounds many did not understand and that resulted in the people questioning the guidelines of a government they had always depended on on. During the war in Vietnam, soldiers faced severe life-threatening situations, including fatigue, starvation, disease, and of course, having to see fellow friends and soldiers pass away. What made the 9th Division distinctive was that it was built from scratch in 1966 and for that reason had, at least at the beginning, men from all over the world.
John Young just wanted to exploit and enlist in the army
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By military criterions, the battle was so discreet it painfully welcomed the men to war. Young and the other men of Charlie Company established permanent friendships as fellow brothers in arms. Life in the war had many life changing effects on John Young and former soldiers. Many of the men similar to Young suffered, after returning home, a new mental disease known as posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) for years. John Young and many of the other men from Charlie Company made it through the crucible of military. The unit lost half its members to death and injuries within two months. People didn’t even feel a concern to give any consideration to the soldiers who put their life on the line for the country after returning home. Charlie Company did their best in an unsustainable circumstance. Most of them weren’t ready for the discernments in the refugee camp or the cries of the wounded soldiers. They felt they were doing their sense of duty by fighting in Vietnam, but they came home to a country that was at the lowest completely separated over the value and decency of the

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