What Is Piggy's Relationship In Lord Of The Flies

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Ralph always has the boys’ best interests at heart. He never puts himself before them and always strives to make them happy. He even tried to make Jack happy by making him in charge of his choir who later on become the hunters of the island. “‘Jack is in charge of the choir. They can be-what do you want them to be?’ ‘Hunters '" (Golding 19). Ralph could immediately sense at the beginning of the novel that Jack would be some trouble, which he turns out to be. He senses that Jack will continuously be challenging him as chief, so in order to create a sort of alliance, Ralph gives him some power. This is to show Jack that Ralph means no harm and that all he wants to do is survive, not fight for chief. This proves that Ralph cares about they boys …show more content…
He tells the boys to stop calling him fatty because his name is Piggy. Prior to this, Piggy tells Ralph that he hates being called Piggy and would rather anything else. It does not register inside of Ralph’s head that he was somewhat hurting Piggy because in his mind, anything was better than Fatty. Although the results of Ralph speaking up were not what Piggy was wishing for, Ralph’s intentions are in the right place. Ralph could have just joined in with the rest of the boys making fun of Piggy, but his leadership qualities would not allow him to do so. Jack is the type of person to start the bullying whereas Ralph is the type of person to end it. Both very different traits and Ralph’s trait is definitely a better one to have in a leader. Jack only cares about hunting and having fun. Hunting and having fun are two human instincts that everyone has. This attracts many boys to his tribe, but after a short period of time, the boys descend into savagery because they do not have the social stability that Ralph creates at his tribe. Ralph often grows impatient with Jack because all Jack cares about is hunting. Jack becomes so focused on killing a

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