The Characters Of Kill A Mockingbird And The Merchant Of Venice

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In the classic novel, To Kill a Mockingbird and throughout a great play, The Merchant of Venice, the characters had shown great abilities throughout the story lines. From the characters performing to be brave, to teaching the readers various lessons, these two art works had shown multiple attributes what everyone should have. In these storylines, the characters had shown their courageous actions through their struggles with society, themselves and their family what surrounds them. To Kill a Mockingbird and The Merchant of Venice, Scout, Atticus and Antonio have shown courage, determination, tolerance and maturity through their struggles throughout the novel and play.
Firstly, Scout has shown courage, determination, tolerance and maturity through her struggles throughout the novel in various ways. Throughout the Tom Robinson case going on, Scout had shown courage through the way she had stuck up for Atticus by the comments her classmates were saying. WIth this action, Scout had shown courage by sticking up for her father even if he was defending a Negro with knowing about the consequences. Although, most of the town did not agree with the way Atticus was defending Tom, Scout had been mature and did not listen to anything the people were saying about her father. In the novel, Francis had made a rude comment to Scout about her father, and Scout had tolerated what he had been saying without it getting to her. Even if the comments had an impact on Scout, she had dealt with it…

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