The Characters And Challenges In Cinder By Marissa Meyer

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In the book “Cinder” by Marissa Meyer, there is a broken society with cyborgs and humans. The opportunity for a cyborg girl (Cinder) and a queen (Levana) to use her different powers is created in this world, that is full of many obstacles. At the same time, Meyers is writing her book in a special way. One theme that the story is representing is, someone's differences can be used as a strength when they use it to their advantage.

The obstacle is challenged by the main character (who’s name is Cinder), who is faced with the problem of being a cyborg in a world of humans. This problem is a big difference in the book since, Cinder is turned from nothing into being able to help people, which is something. For instance, the book talks about
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For starters, the book talks about the queen from another planet who is using her different powers for bad. For instance, the book says, “Queen Levana appeared then brainwashed/glamoured the crowd, all of the people just forgot that they were protesting and that they hated her”( Meyers 235). This shows that it is a crucial scene in the book because, the reader can now discover who the queen really is. In other words, this scene allows the reader to dive into the fact that the queen is diffrent like Cinder. But, the queen was over all using her “diffrent” powers so that her people would not know the “real” her. This piece of evidence shows the theme because, it describes how the queen is using being diffrent as a strength and using everything about her power to her advantage. Additionally, when the story says “brainwashed” it leads the reader to think more about that word and having to rereaed it since it is unfamiliar to the reader. This shows that, the queen is doing things that are unfamiliar with the reader which is never good. The reader, can easily tell that queen is bad once they hear a word like “Brainwash” which represents the theme, because “Evil or bad” is a strength that the queen gets from being diffrent. As shown above, the theme is represented by the queen because of her diffrent evil powers that she uses as a strength to her …show more content…
The queen made all of the people that were rebelling stop rebelling so that they would not cause any commotion. But clearly, the queen was not using her power for the good of the people. The book says, “It becomes clear how she is able to keep her own people rebelling against her”( Meyers 236). Now, if the queen was trying to make the world a better place, then there would be no point in brainwashing her own people. Because, if the queen is brainwashing her people then the citizens are not able to have a say in what they think about her and do not have a voice, in the “perfect”world. In addition, the queen brainwashing her people for the good of the people does not sense, because if the queen really wanted the people to like her then she could easily change her ways and be a nicer queen. Instead, the queen has ended up using her difference that sets her apart from most people against her citizens, which creates a problem, which is not

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