Essay On Pediatric Physical Therapy

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You walk into work everyday with a smile on your face. Children laughing and playing on the playsets. Helping the children overcome their fears and grow as a human. These are tasks that you would do everyday if you were a Pediatric Physical Therapist. Everyday you work with children to help make them healthier and while doing it they are having fun. Working as a Pediatric Physical Therapist would not only be enjoyable but also rewarding. As a Pediatric Physical Therapist you have many important tasks. Some of these tasks are more enjoyable than others. Everyday you will get more and more patients. When getting a new patient you must fill out the paperwork and learn about what is wrong with this child so that you can learn what to do to help. …show more content…
Well the answer to this is no. To become a Pediatric Physical Therapist you must go through a lot of school and training. First you must go to a normal four year college and get a degree. You can major in mostly anything involving medical or physical therapy. After you finish your first four years and get your bachelor's degree, you must move on and get a master's or doctorate degree. When getting your master's degree you must major in Physical Therapy. Once you graduate from your additional education you can go straight into finding a job. However, it might be a better option to do a pediatric physical therapist residency. When doing this you still get paid but you will be following another pediatric Physical Therapist around and learning more about the job. Once you’ve completed this you will have all of the training needed to be a strong and well educated pediatric physical therapist. In northeast indiana many companies such as FirstSteps offers a career like this where you will travel around to the children's homes to help them. Also we have parkview physical therapy. Here you are in a facility in Fort Wayne and you work under a boss and the children come into your facility. Here you get many more benefits than you would in First

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