The Characteristics Of Transformational Leadership In The Workplace

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Throughout this course I learned and developed the skills necessary to be equipped to reduce and prevent conflict; both at an interpersonal and organizational level in order to act as a transformational leader in the workplace. According to Kouzes and Ponser (2012), Leadership is important, not just in your career and within your organization, in every sector, and community (p. 7). The artifact that I have chosen below demonstrates some of the challenges that occur with change. Kouzes and Ponser (2012) explain that “you don’t have to change history, but you do have to change business as usual” (p182). These changes are to reduce and prevent conflict both at an interpersonal and organizational level in order for a leader to be a transformational …show more content…
The ability to inspire others is a extraordinary trait that ordinary individual’s posses to make the unthinkable happen. The ability for an individual to make extraordinary things happen is called a transformational leader. The characteristics of a transformational leader embody strength, vision, passion, and stamina. With the challenge of change there must be a great leader at the forefront of this process. The artifact below demonstrates what qualities a leader should posses and how they can leave a lasting effect on …show more content…
6. Inspiring
7. Competent
My father would be someone that I would consider as a leader. In the organization that he is currently employed for and as well as in the home my father exhibits the seven characteristics that I have listed above.
The top three characteristics that he possesses out of the seven listed are as follows:
1. Honesty- I have seen on several occasions when dealing with clients, his willingness to be honest at all cost. There has also been times where he has promised a deadline and had fallen short. He was honest enough to express that he was at fault. This honesty has established a type of relationship between him and his clients that they continue to use his services because of his continued honesty. According to Kouzes & Posner (2007) my father embodies one of the top four characteristics which is honesty. Honesty is important for leaders to “Model the Way” which is the behavior that earns a person their respect.
2. Driven- He is very driven to provide a service that he has promised to provide. I have seen him work countless hours and without charge to provide exceptional service to finish a project to keep things on tract. Being driven allows my father to dream of what the future could be according to Kouzes & Posner

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