The Characteristics Of The Importance Of Emotional Intelligence

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There are several scientists and psychologists that feel that Emotional Intelligence (EI) is just as important if not more important than Intelligence Quotient (IQ). EI focuses on five areas of emotions: self-awareness, how you manage emotions, motivation, empathy, and social skills. I will attempt in this paper to explain how I manage each of these categories in my daily life.
I will start with the first one, self-awareness. I feel that I am very aware of my self-awareness and always try to make sound and good judgment decisions. This would even include many times going with my “gut feelings”. I have had times in the past where I did not go with my gut judgment or feelings and made the wrong decision. I believe that a person’s brain
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This includes understanding how people are feeling, just not through words but maybe their emotions, actions, or work habits. Being in law enforcement having empathy is a skill that has been developed more and more over the years. This includes when I interview someone and know how to take an interview do to a person’s actions, body language or what someone says. Many people think in law enforcement this is when a suspect is spoken to. However, it is even more important to have empathy to people you are speaking to who are witnesses and even more important for people who are spoken to who are victims. Empathy is the most important when speaking with victims because you have to be aware of their eye contact, physical actions, and of course how they are speaking to …show more content…
Social skills are mainly how I am able to handle conflict. I feel that I am able to handle conflict very well. This again is an area that most people in law enforcement have to be successful with. However, handling conflict is just not in the workplace. Handling conflict in public or even in the home is important also. To be able to handle conflict it is very important for a person to have good communication skills. I feel that today’s generation is all about social media and texting that they are losing communication skills. This is a very perishable skill that needs to be used in

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