Paranthropus Boisei Essay

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Paranthropus boisei was an early hominin and lived in East Africa. The dates range from 2.3 to 1.2 million years ago. Paleoanthropologists actually found the first fossils of Paranthropus boisei in 1955. (what does it mean to be human) However, not until anthropologist Mary Leakey discovered the well-preserved cranium OH5 at Olduvas Gorge, Tanzania in 1959. It was dated to 1.75 millions of year. Mary Leakey and her husband Louis Leakey classed the specimen as Zinjanthropus. Later on, Louis Leakey’s son Richard Leakey considered Paranthropus boisei to be the first hominin species to use stone tools. (discovery) The heights of average males are four feet six inches and females are four feet one inch. Males’ average weight is one hundred and eight bounds and females are …show more content…
(what does it mean to be human) It had strong sagittal crest on the middle of the top of the crest. Paranthropus boisei are known as “nutcracker men” because of its powerful jaw and large teeth; it likes to eat thought foods such as nuts and roots.
According to the fossils of Paranthropus boisei that have been discovered, the popular media and the scientific literature had made different assumptions on the fossils. Scientists have debated why Paranthropus boisei had a large thick mandibular corpora and strong jaws. It indicating they were adapting a diet of hard foods likes nuts, seeds, and hard fruit but their teeth that are discovered show Paranthrupos boisei are more similar to living fruvivore (i.e. fruit eaters). However, it gained indirect support from dental microwear; the analysis showed that they couldn’t have chewed hard or tough foods regularly. (Cerling et al 2011) The scientists’ hypothesis is it’s possible Paranthropus boisei only ate hard or tough foods when their preferred resources were scarce. (Kiarie n.d.) In addition, Richard Leakey considered Paranthropus boisei to be

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