The Characteristics Of Michael Jackson, The King Of Music

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Art comes in many shapes, forms, and fashions in the world we live in today. Art comes in the form of music, drawing, writings, and the list goes on and on. A true talent comes from nothing that is practiced but something that is deep within your soul. Music is something that touches the heart, soul, and mind of people all across the nation. When showing artistic talent some may get a big ego, and others just merely have an idol that they try to live up to. In reality we all learn from a person’s different artistic perspectives. It may have been through a song we have heard, a book that was read, or a movie we have watched. We all learn from someone else’s talent everyday. Many American songwriters use their talent, knowledge, or artistic …show more content…
Michael Jackson is indeed the king of pop and a legend in the music industry when it came to touching the hearts of millions with various songs on his “Dangerous’ album. He has many amazing songs that has touched society from the eighties all the way to now. His music has definitely made a huge impact on mankind’s way of living. People love the music that the Album gave us, but some also envied it as well. The songs Michael Jackson gave us contained no profanity that is how much he loved society. Everyone from parents, children, grandparents, and babies were able to enjoy the beautiful artistic music on the album “Dangerous”. Michael Jackson’s music on the Dangerous album got more praise after his death which affected millions of his fans and family than he did when he was alive. His music showed loved for the people of all race, nationality, color, and creed. Michael’s music ‘Heal the World” brought people together that spoke both English and other languages. His art was music and when you listen to each song it had a certain story to tell. The song “Faith” was a great song and this song made a point, the lyrics kept repeating that “you got to have faith” and that is indeed needed today. He was great when it came to singing music, dancing to music, and also composing music to reach the souls of people. Even though Michael Jackson is now deceased his art in music …show more content…
I think this is inspiring because many Americans long to live the same dream despite the discipline when it comes to art. The album “Dangerous” sets a motive to children, parents, and other fellow Americans. Hard work and perseverance pays off when you give it your all through music or any art. The art of Michael Jackson’s “Dangerous” has been an idol celebrity and friend to many through his art in music. He has inspired them as well as myself through his work of art. I met a girl once and his song “The Way You Make Me Feel” came on . I began to sing she laughed and we became friends and remained pals every since. At times she still asks me to sing that very same song, that is when you know someone has touched the heart of people when a work of art in the form of a song can pull people

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