The Importance Of Leading And Management Theories

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Heading an organization, event or the world requires great leadership and management skills. Leading and management require many things including being able to draw in those who are willing to be encouraged in order to lead one day themselves. Leaders are organized and have a great way of communicating in order to keep things running smoothly while at the same time helping those who are listening and working with them to believe in themselves. Many management theorist believe that managers and leaders are two different entities. Leaders and manager are built and depending on their passion, character and experiances they all manage and lead differently. Leaders and managers while working in organizations and events show their employees how …show more content…
Leaders usually delegate task to those who are more creative in an area of need so that it can be done at its best. This usually allow those who head the projects to put forth more effort to build the project or task to be preceisly as it should.
Great Managers Great managers have some of the same qualities as a great leaders and the main and important one is to pay attention to your employees, watch as they complete their tasks and then enhance the good qualities in order to use it in the future. Leverageing an employees gifts and talents can help any company to run better in the long run. A great manager will search for the strengths of a employee and use that to build a strong and well accomplished organization Goudreau, J. (2013)
Choice or
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Covey. Aparently the formula is working for most and in order to create great leaders all over the world a Great leader can only emplement what he knows will work for others so that all will continue to help to develop great leaders.
Leaders of Global Organizations Leaders of global organizations has to have some of the same abilities and some styles do differ due to different cultures and how some companies in many different parts of the world are ran. Depending on where the organization is located many countries have different laws and regulations that would allow for a different style of learning and teaching. In short the majority of the formula used to create great leaders are the same but from country to country some techniques could be

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