God's Existence Of God: Good Or Evil?

What is God like? Is He similar to a human? Does God play a part in our lives or does He let the world take its course? Is He good or evil? Ever since the notion of God, people have debated what He is like, with many people disagreeing. Talking about God and His existence can often be more confusing than clarifying. However, as Catholics, if we use our resources, we can discover what the Church teaches about the various characteristics, attributes, and qualities of God. An important characteristic of God that we are taught but may not think about is God’s gender. God is neither a male nor a female. God does not fit the image we have for a human being; because of His pure spirit, there is no room for the differences between genders (Ratzinger 370). Yet people still have the tendency to picture God in a human form. Another important teaching about God is His unique divine nature. There is only one God, yet He is three persons: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. However the Three Persons are distinct from one another (Joyce web). The …show more content…
To be able to forgive is incredibly difficult, and how He so readily forgives us if we are truly sorry exhibits God’s love, goodness, and mercy in one of the clearest ways possible. I do not question that God loves, but it is impossible to not get caught up the unfortunate events that happen in the world. Sometimes I find myself questioning how there are these natural disasters and murders of thousands of innocent people, but God does not intervene. Going along with loving, I do not believe God wants us to “fear” Him. I think He wants us to understand His power and how He loves us, but fearing something often leads to hatred which God would never want. Fearing and loving something or someone simultaneously is almost impossible. God wants us to reciprocate His love for us, but not simply because we fear

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