The Characteristics Of Gatby In The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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During the 1920’s, F. Scott Fitzgerald was a very popular author and today is known for his very famous book, The Great Gatsby. However, The Great Gatsby was not a bestseller, unlike many of his other novels. Most of his books related to the Jazz Age, much like The Great Gatsby. The Jazz Age, also known as the Roaring Twenties, was a time when the majority of people in America seemed to have money to spend. The Jazz Age came to an abrupt halt when the stock market crashed in 1929. This caused the United States to go into a depression, and as a result, no one felt like reading about the prosperous life that was behind them. Fitzgerald was shocked that his “purely creative artwork”, as he called it, was not a huge success. His book did …show more content…
From this point on, Fitzgerald begins to uncover more about Gatsby and his character. At the beginning of the novel, Gatsby seems very mysterious, and we don’t know much about him. He doesn’t even speak for the first time until about halfway through the book. He appears very suspicious due to his elaborate plan that he is working on to win back Daisy. He exemplifies himself as a non-typical wealthy man. His only reason for becoming rich was to get love. Another part of his plan to win Daisy back was the location of his house. We learn from Jordan Baker the reason why Gatsby chooses the location of his house. “Gatsby bought that house so that Daisy would be just across the bay.” This can only mean that Gatsby had wanted Daisy to see him and his elaborate parties. Then he would finally be able to prove that he was all she needed. Typically, most people who were rich during this time wanted to show off their money to others, but Gatsby had a deeper meaning to his wealth. He was only going to keep his wealth long enough for Daisy to come to him. From there he would leave it all behind, as long as he could have her to himself. This illustrates that Gatsby is a very determined man with big dreams beyond …show more content…
Now, he appeared to be very friendly and welcoming, and all his love for Daisy was just shot out of him. He, of course, was very unfamiliar with the new technology such as all the Jumbotrons that were located on all the buildings in New York City. He said he wished he could have had something like that to keep an eye on Daisy.
For a second, I thought I could see a tear forming in his eye, but just as quickly as it came it went. “Why don’t we go into the stores and see if we can pick out some new clothes so I fit in with this new age?” He didn’t refer to Nick as “old sport” or go into the expensive stores to shop.
As we were shopping, Gatsby was eyeing a girl that worked at the store. She looked like your average middle class girl; someone with whom Gatsby could trust and stay in a relationship . As he was purchasing his clothes, he asked the girl out on a date. The girl glowed with happiness and said that she would love to! So that evening, she and Gatsby went out to eat and talked for hours on

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