Emotional Intelligence Workplace

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In this essay I will talk about emotional intelligence in the workplace. Emotional intelligence is the ability to read and respond to emotions that pertain to yourself and other people, on a personal level when you are demonstrating emotional intelligence you’re aware of what you’re feeling and you’re able to respond to that effectively to produce the behavior that you want on a social side of things. Emotional intelligence is really picking up on what other people are feeling, what they’re trying to communicate, what they’re experiencing and being able to use that information to make your relationships more effective and in this way improve the quality of the relationship.
Emotional intelligence is a foundational skill and when you work on
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When you work on your emotional intelligence skills a little bit that personal work tends to have very big impacts.
Emotional Quotients (EQ) is the capacity of individuals to recognize their own emotions, to create satisfying relationships, to be comfortable with themselves, and to work effectively with others. Emotional intelligence explains about 60 percent of people’s job performance, for example, when you do a regression analysis someone’s emotional intelligence scores contrast against their job and how the company evaluates their performance. Similarly, people tend to see that a lot of overlap EQ matters however, emotional intelligence has a greater and more profound impact especially in leadership positions where we
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How can you go about increasing your EQ until you know specifically what you need to work on? The most effective way to achieve this goal is to get objective feedback and assessment from other people around you. Then, you should be working on from there as you will work on two or three personality changes at the same time. For instance, your brain loves efficiency and if your old habits are hardwired so that you’re a yeller, you have neural pathways and they reinforce that yelling behavior. In that case, when you catch yourself and you stop yelling those pathways die. When you want to work on being more social and you don’t get along with it work so we don’t have pathways that reinforce that behavior. It’s hard at first but your brain loves efficiency subsequently, when you begin to repeat the behavior your neurons can grow billons of arms and branch out to each other and facilitate the flow of the information which allows that behavior to continue and then it becomes habitual. To increase your EQ your brain needs high quality sleep since during the day toxic proteins buildup in your neurons as a byproduct of normal neuronal activity so your cells work these toxic proteins build-up and the only way you can get rid of them is by getting high quality sleep. When you don’t get enough sleep these toxic proteins

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