The Characteristics Of Early Self Concept And Self Esteem Essay

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An interview with a female preschooler, age 3 years 11 months, was conducted to examine the characteristics of early self-concept and self-esteem. A series of questions were asked, including “can you tell me a little bit about yourself/describe yourself” and “what are some things you like to do.” After a response to these questions was collected, the interviewer was to ask, “How good he/she thinks they are at the particular activity.”
Samayah, the preschooler interviewed, answered the first question explaining external compositions of her daily surroundings instead of describing her internal characteristics. When describing herself, she spoke of her ability to write the letter “E” and count to ten. She talked about the dress she had on, answering “I’m wearing a blue dress” and “I love being a big sister.” When responding appropriately to these descriptions, it is important that you help her to embrace her abilities, by reacting positively to her aptitudes. Examples of this would be to respond with “It’s so great that you know the letter “E” and “Great job counting to ten.”
After responding to the initial question, the interviewer asked Samayah how she would rate her ability to write the letter “E” and how good of a big sister she was. She replied with activities that she often completed with her younger brother, explaining that her “plays patty cake with him and that makes him smile.” When asked about her ability to count, she quickly verified that she could count,…

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