The Power Of Words In The Book Thief

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Introduction The Book Thief is a Bildungsroman of sorts, dealing with the protagonist, Liesel Meminger. The odd narration by Death supplies it with a sense of ambiguity that no other book seems to emulate. This novel regarding the journey of Liesel Meminger, a nine-year-old German girl who was given up by her mother in 1939, she embarks a new life living with Hans and Rosa Hubermann in the humble town of Molching. Liesel’s journey evokes many mishaps and moments of joy; the book demonstrates her thirst for knowledge through her spiritual growth. By meeting different characters, she has been able to develop her capabilities of comprehending complex reasoning, thus becoming a maturely developed person. The similarities between the protagonist and I are quite astonishing, we both use words as a front for power, let alone as a way to manipulate power. The theme in perspective is The Power of Words; it is undeniably exhibited in the novel through molding the prosperity of these characters. The vast and ghastly power of words stands for the creation of life in this story while death represents the destruction …show more content…
The author Mark Zusak uses many literally and stylistic devices to showcase his message towards the readers. Through the power of words, he can incorporate these devices that are reckoned fundamental to the survival of the characters in order to establish a clear understanding of how the power of words has affected these characters. This essay will scrutinize the characters of importance and analyze each aspect of their lives. Which will us grant us with the following question, how did the “The Book Thief” by Markus Zusak use the power of words to portray that it was pivotal to the survival of the major characters in the novel? This essay will necessitate the core aspects of each character by demonstrating how the power of words has affected them, and eventually led to their

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