The Characteristics Of Botticelli's Primavera

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In the Renaissance, specifically in Italy in the fifteenth century, the focus on Greek and Roman mythology was revived (Grissom). Also, the Medici family, who was the ruler of Florence, Italy, commissioned work in order to display and solidify “their fame and political power” (Grissom). As a result, there are quite a few pieces that were made to celebrate and give good luck to the Medici. These characteristics are completely different in the 20th century. During the 20th Century, there is a sense of chaos in the world from the wars and revolutions that are occurring and causing political and social stirs, and the Great Depression, which severely affected the economy of all the major countries of the time (Stokstad 1018). As a result, new styles …show more content…
This painting was done to commemorate the marriage of Lorenzo di Pierfrancesco de’ Medici to his new wife, Semiramide d’Appiano (Stokstad 627). The piece is very detailed from the flowers and the trees all the way to the clothing of the figures in the painting. In the piece, Botticelli has Mercury, the Three Graces, Chastity, Beauty, and Love; Venus, Flora; and Zephyrus and Chloris. Venus, who is the goddess of love, is in the middle of the painting. “Neoplatonic philosophers and poets” believe that Venus has two natures, in which one “ruled over earthly, human love” and the other “ruled over the universal divine love” (Stokstad 627). Botticelli is showing these two natures. Typically, Venus is depicted as naked, seductive, and a sexual being; however Botticelli displays Venus fully clothed in “contemporary” clothing and has a look of modesty (Stokstad 627). By Venus being fully clothed, Venus’s modesty is shown, and her modesty is displayed even more by her eyes because Venus is looking down (Stokstad 627). Venus looks like the Virgin Mary, and she has a halo just like how the Virgin Mary is depicted with her halo (Stokstad 627). In contrast, Venus’s halo is made of the bushes from her surroundings which can represent natural and “earthly” love (Stokstad 627). The halo could ensure that both of Venus’s natures are being represented; however since she does look like Mary, Botticelli could be showing Lorenzo Medici’s new wife to act …show more content…
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