Pros And Cons Of Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial intelligence the scientific term that defines as concept, application and operation of machines and databases that demonstrate human intelligence outlining it’s the most essential behaviors as cognition, learning delegation and perception. Essentially it is the idea that machines can learn and recreate tasks that previously needed human interruption. Artificial Intelligence (AI) comprehends a wide range of essential activities, containing image and voice recognition, expert systems, language processing, living robotics and projection. In the past century technology developed at tremendous speeds and has integrated artificial intelligence into our daily lives; GPS navigators, Facebook friend suggestions, universal remote controls, …show more content…
In engineering, AI is the process of developing smart machines that simplify humans’ lives. Examples of those machines are ATM (automated teller machine), robots that were sent to Mars and above all, computerized factories that build exercise machines for fitness clubs with little or no human involvement. In cognitive science, AI refers to designing and implementing human prototypes. Systems and machines that use Artificial intelligence are usually designed to perform a range of tasks from routine tasks to language understanding to problem solving (Edward Moore Geist). Undoubtedly, AI machines are mainly developed to perform activities with no human interruption and have radically simplified various tasks and procedures. However, the question is “does such integrity pose a threat to humanity?” A lot of people are concerned that AI may have the negative influence of our lives due to a number of reasons; AI’s machines ability to modify itself, AI possible impact of economics and politics, and humans incapability to accept AI among them due to the lack of knowledge on human psychology, let alone artificial …show more content…
The risk factors include; AI 's ability to modify and improve itself while learning human’s abilities to function, manage, and influence the global world issues. Incapability to recognize given task, respond to one consciously and encompass human morals and principles are the main concerning factors when it comes to progression of AI. A failure to use these things appropriately may result in chaos in the world. Artificial Intelligence is significant progress in the technological world and it may be a great way to accomplish goals, but only if those goals are similar to ours. If there is a slight mathematical mistake in the software, it is impossible to predict what can happen. The main goal of AI safety should be to never place humans in the position of being threatened. In the near future, artificial intelligence may become an essential part of our existence and in order to inhibit undesirable outcomes it is very important to regulate and control the

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