The Characteristics Of A Nurse Essays

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Aesthetic I think realizing the importance of the characteristics of a nurse allows one to develop a vision of the type of nurse that they want to be or become. Realization also contributes to what you want the public, specifically your clients, to view the nursing profession as. I feel that there are more than three characteristics that I value as a nurse. When I think about what is important, I tend to think back to Maslow 's Hiearchy of Needs. In this model, needs can be viewed from a personal perspective and one that we strive to acquire for our clients. The levels that I want to focus on is that of “Safety, Social, and Esteem” needs (McLeod, 2014).
In my professional life I would have to say that among what I consider to be the most important characteristic of a nurse is that of “specialized competence” (Hood, 2014, p. 16). In order for a patient to feel safe and trust the caregiver, it has been in my experience that if a nurse knows what they are doing and exudes confidence, that need of safety for the patient is more likely to be met. Once safety can be established, upward needs in the hiearchy can be met. This brings me to the next characteristic that I believe is important. A “collegial subculture” (Hood, 2014, p. 16), is where you can find the social aspect being met. It is here that we draw on each other 's experience and expertise through networking and the use of clinical practice models where we can integrate research findings into our…

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