Great Managers In The Workplace: Case Study

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Within any workplace, there are managers. Managers are tasked with leading and guiding a group of employees or a group of certain tasks. Mangers can choose to lead and guide their employees and projects in many different ways. How they choose to lead and guide determines how effective others are at getting work done. This brings up the question, why are some managers more effective at leading and guiding than others? Gallup researchers state that great managers are hard to find. It is also stated that only 10 percent of people actually possess the traits to be a great manager (Great Managers Boost, 2014). There are many aspects that can make a manager great. Higher education, getting to know employees, being flexible, and leading by example …show more content…
By understanding an employee and the talents they possess, a manager can work to use those talents to the advantage of the company (Goudreau, 2013). By using employee talents to the advantage of the company, employees are more likely to enjoy what they are doing. By focusing on the talents of an employee, it provides a better outcome for the company instead of trying to improve weak spots. To understand their employees, great managers observe employee actions and also ask them questions about how they feel about their work. Great managers also show that they care about their employees and their daily lives. This is effective because it makes the employee feel like their personal lives matter to their manager just as much as their work life (Goudreau, …show more content…
Employees live separate lives outside of work that requires management to be flexible at times. A great manager is more likely to work with their employees in the area of flexibility which leads to higher retention because the employee is happy (Stewart, 2016). The term flexibility can also be applied to changes in projects. An employee could present an idea for a project that is great and it is important for the manager to be flexible and open to the idea (Lipman, 2014). This also provides the employee with the satisfaction of feeling like their opinion matters (Lipman, 2014).
Lead By Example It is important for great managers to lead by example. Employees are less likely to want to work on a project unless the manager is helping out and using the same tools given to each employee (Morgan, 2013). Great managers should be able to lead by actions along with words. It is important for great managers to act on what they say instead of just telling their employees what to do. Employees watch what their managers do, so it is important for managers to watch their actions at all times to provide an accurate example of what behavior is acceptable within the business (Newton, 2015).

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