Argumentative Essay On Psychopaths

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The stereotype of psychopaths is that they are harmful to society, violent, and unintelligent. One may not know it, but there are psychopaths everywhere. Researchers have debated over whether the fact they can discern their own moral wrongs or any other type of wrong. They are also characterized to be people that are mentally ill and insane. Not only is this deceptive, but it lacks what is so unknown about psychopaths. They are people that walk the streets freely every day, they just acquire different characteristics. The David Hare psychopathy checklist shows that if one possesses a high score from this list because of the amount of traits that match the individual, they are diagnosed with a type of psychopathy. The unique blend of traits …show more content…
It is almost impossible to say that someone who shows all signs of a psychopath and are mentally ill should not receive some type of treatment. Although some types of psychopaths may not be mentally ill, it’s hard to say how one should go about getting them help. To the best of our knowledge, however, there is no cure for psychopathy. There is no prescription that can make someone “sane” again. This has not stopped scientists from trying to figure out some way to cure the incurable. What is so difficult about treatment is that a large amount of psychopaths started their rough paths as children. Psychologists and therapists cannot change what someone had gone through earlier in their life, and neither can the victim. The behavioral and affective symptoms evident in psychopathic adults are also found in youth. Brian Dugan showed psychopathic traits at a very young age with his behavior always acting out. Having abusive childhoods can seriously affect the developmental psychology in one’s brain. When the brain develops a certain way, there is no way to alter it. From this information given, psychopaths generally just have a fundamentally different brain from mentally stable people. When it comes to treatment for children, there are a couple of methods according to federal law that can be done (Helfgott 84). They are entitled to attend school and receive a Free and Appropriate Education (FAPE) (Helfgott 84). However, if a child demonstrates behavioral problems, basic classroom and individual supports are provided. For criminals, there really is no treatment for them. If there was a most productive type of treatment for these types of people, it would be a reward-based treatment (Helfgott 84). For example, psychopathic prisoners are given small privileges such as more television, or playing games. This method has been proven effective over time. The treatment is effective in the sense that these people can

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