The Characteristics And Types Of Psychoopaths

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The stereotype of psychopaths is that they are harmful to society, violent, and unintelligent. One may not know it, but there are psychopaths everywhere. Researchers have debated over whether the fact they can discern their own moral wrongs or any other type of wrong. They are also characterized to be people that are mentally ill and insane. Not only is this deceptive, but it lacks what is so unknown about psychopaths. They are people that walk the streets freely every day, they just acquire different characteristics. The David Hare psychopathy checklist shows that if one possesses a high score from this list because of the amount of traits that match the individual, they are diagnosed with a type of psychopathy. The unique blend of traits that are often intrinsic to psychopaths can be alarming because they do not believe that they are in any way …show more content…
As though this may be true, they definitely do not know the extent of what they are about to carry out. An important statement was made by philosopher David Shoemaker on how psychopaths “may be criminally responsible [for their actions] but not, in any important way, morally responsible” (Mann 23). It seems that it is almost morally impossible for a psychopath to be responsible. Treatment is possible and will probably advance in the future, but it’s guaranteed to never have a 100% cure (Mann 27). Psychopath’s have no real moral responsibility because in certain situations, they cannot choose their own actions. However, it will help them comprehend that what they are doing is wrong and help them get a better feeling of what empathy, guilt, and remorse is. This being said, it is safe to say that they cannot discern their own moral wrongs or any other type of wrong. The heart of psychopathy lies not in their knowledge of right and wrong, but in their brains of emotional processing and behavioral control (Aharoni et

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