Essay on The Character Of The Witch

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Through fresh writing, the character of the Witch is allowed to have the most contradictions, therefore blurring the rigid binary of good vs bad, an idea ingrained in popular culture for eons, in effect making her the play’s most human character. This is key to demystify the Grimm Brother’s fairy tale “Rapunzel”, as she is no longer placed in a 2 dimensional mold of evil figure. While her defining moments in the text are marked by unexplained rage, jealousy and retribution lensed with zero objective perspective within Into the Woods she is given opportunity to be viewed in a more well rounded light as she is central in everyone else’s story allowing the audiences to experience more of her. Through this, there is a chance to receive the benefit of the doubt from viewers when put next to characters like Jack, whom we may have trouble sympathizing with due to his absurd approach to the world and lack of depth. His outlook seems improbable, as for example it’s soaked with blind optimism, making Jack believe alone, he can fix community wide issues, in this case being a Giant, whom has a penchant for destroying homes and eating people, not believable to anyone who has navigated the real world.
Into The Woods makes the Witch as close to a fully developed human character as a fairy tale can allow. The theatrical interpretation allows her to rise above a one dimensional archetype provided by the original Grimm Brother’s work, giving her depth and allowing her to be viewed through…

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