The Character Of Rain By Amelie Nothomb Essay examples

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The Resemblance of Water and the Identity of the Main Character in “The Character of Rain”
“The Character of Rain”, by Amélie Nothomb, describes the world as being perceived by a three-year-old child, born in a Belgium family. This interesting novel encompasses the beliefs of the Japanese who deem that every infant is an “Okosama” or the “lord of child”, until the age of three. Growing up amidst the Japanese culture, the narrator decides to adopt this philosophical Japanese theory. To her own fascinating personal discovery, she believes that the oceans, seas, pools, puddles, ponds and rain resemble her godlike Japanese character for her name “Rain” and her amphibious life. From the novel, the narrator reveals that water helps her to unveil her knowledge of language to her family circle, act as the catalyst to shape her identity and gives her an empowerment as a child.
Throughout the novel, water becomes a force that drives the narrator to reveal her knowledge of language to her family members. The “sea” is the seventh word that she utters. This is a clear evident that displays how important the water element means to her. The role of water in this novel is very obvious as it gives the narrator the impulse to uncover the truth about herself. At the beginning of the novel, the narrator faces a sheer bad luck when she almost died after drowning in the deep sea. During the abrupt incident, she hallucinates that the sea water is trying to give her a clue of what she should do…

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