The Culprit Behind Jessica In Shakespeare's The Merchant Of Venice

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The Culprit Behind Shylock’s Demise The Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare has one character that has a large contribution to the play, that character is Jessica. Jessica is the most important character in regard to Shylock’s folly. This is because she is the primary initiate of his anger towards Antonio. She runs away with Lorenzo and takes a large sum of her father’s goods. She also converts to Christianity because Lorenzo is a Christian. This all happens with the help of Antonio’s associates (Gratiano, Salerio, and Salanio). Shakespeare included Jessica because she was key to plot development and character development. Her actions affected all of the characters in the play in one way or another, so she is arguably the most influential …show more content…
This has to do with Antonio constantly pestering him. He also doesn’t agree with some of their beliefs, one being the consumption of pork. He makes reference to a scripture in which Jesus casts the demons into swine, implying that Christians are consuming the devil. Jessica’s conversion to Christianity only made Shylock hate Antonio more. Now he has indirectly taken his daughter, a large sum of his goods and corrupted his daughter’s religion. All of these factors kindle the flame of hatred towards Antonio. Jessica is therefore the center point of Shylock’s spite towards Antonio. Shakespeare had to include Jessica in The Merchant of Venice because she plays that role in shaping Shylock and Antonio’s relationship. Without her rebellion against her father, Shylock’s lust for Antonio’s flesh would’ve seemed cruel and undeserving. Although, Shylock’s loss of his daughter goods and religion force you to feel some compassion towards Shylock, because he has been harmed. Developing compassion for a “villain” is both difficult to do and rarely seen, but Shakespeare accomplished it with ease in this …show more content…
The entire play is beautiful and comes together perfectly thanks to the Jessica. Jessica is the primary reason that Shylock was so mad at Antonio. She left him to elope with Lorenzo, stole a large sum of his goods and converted to Christianity, all with the help of Antonio’s friends. The main conflict of the play between Shylock and Antonio is completely intertwined with the eloping of Jessica. She caused Shylock to be blinded by anger and seek out on ruthless quest for Antonio’s flesh. With eventually made him lose everything. You feel sorry for Shylock because he loses everything including, his daughter, his religion, his job, and almost all of his ducats. Shakespeare used Jessica perfectly as a vessel to hold this play

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