The Changing Roles Of Families

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The chance to examine how my family has reacted as the roles of families have changed over the last eighty plus years could not be passed up. Having a mother who lived as a child during the depression, a young teen during World War II, a young wife, and mother during the 1950’s offer a point of comparison to the future women who followed. Next, seeing how my wife lived during the redefining roles of families in the 1970’s thru the 1980’s and the acceptance of women in new roles. Then lastly, how a daughter who is now faced with perhaps some of the greatest challenges facing the family in generations as society redefines the definition of the family. By looking at the lives of these three women how the roles of family have changed will be observed. …show more content…
Some of these programs helped, and others really offered littles assistance in defusing the breakup of families. The changes in sexual attitudes led to rulings about abortion, women’s rights, pro-family movements, along with the Equal Rights Amendment. Each of these reforms changed the definition of the family for what was once considered a loving nucleus to one of individuals looking for individual joy and pleasure from life.
How changing social roles have impacted the family structure of the interviewees In the case of the MayBelle, Ellen and Claire their lives have not been impacted quite like those of other families. None of them have been involved with parents or spouse in a divorce, which has been common among other families. For the majority of their lives MayBelle and Ellen have lived in marriages which a father or husband were considered the breadwinner of the family. The role of a wife working while children were young wasn’t practiced by either. Some changes in society have affected Claire from the aspect of more individuals not considering getting married. Instead of getting married she focused first on getting an education. While no prospects exist at the present she is hopeful that marriage will be in her

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