The Changing Literary And Visual Representations Of China Essay

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TOPIC 3: The changing literary and visual representations of China by Westerners in the history

One of the oldest countries in the world, China, is also one of the four ancient civilization. For long stretches of history, China had their glory but also had a hard time, and the changed of China also changed impression on westerners by their literary or visual representations.

In the 13th - 14th century, Genghis Khan established the Mongolia regime, built the Empire of Mongolia and began his territorial expansion. At that time European were having a bad time of their Crusade, they lose the Jerusalem to the Muslims, Emperor Frederick II refused to take part of in the fifth Crusade and had conflicts with the Pope. After the death of Pope Celestine IV, Pope Innocent IV chose Friar Joannes to head this mission. He is one of the first Europeans traveling to Khan’s court, the book he wrote called Ystoria Mongalorum, this book wrote about the detail of the details of geography, how are the people there, whats is religion of Mongol, the customs, the war ,how to against the Mongols if they invade and also the case of , this is the Mongolian court, it is the first book wrote about China by European, After him, there were more westerners or missionaries sent to Mongol such as William of Rubruck and Andrew of Longjumeau , the missions of them was tried to persuade Khan to be a Christian and asked him to stop his expansion to west. There was another person wrote a book that described how…

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