The Changing Image Of The Family Farm Essays

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Pluriactivity and The Changing Image of the Family Farm
The past century of farming and agriculture production has survived countless economical hardships. By adapting and innovating the age-old process; farmers have created a new image of what the modern family farmer is capable of achieving while maintaining financial freedoms that are similar to larger industrial farms. This paper will elaborate on the factors that have forced the image of family farms to change over the years, as well as, the positive and negative effects that capitalism has had on the industry as a whole. Moreover, it will discuss the term pluriactivity and diversification in the agriculture industry and how factors such as: gender equality and the major role women played in maintaining a role in the farming business while resorting to non-agriculture income and how organic farms are quickly gaining traction as a way for smaller farms to enlarge income and opportunity. Pluriactivity is a key feature in understanding how smaller family run farms are able to compete with larger farms while achieve financial success. The reformation of the farming industry has created many long term and short-term effects for the general farming population. The necessity for profit maximization by large multi-million dollar corporations has forced smaller farms to compete with the seemingly impossible production numbers of large “industrial farms”, which Brookfield describes as farms that are dependent on wage workers in…

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