Essay about The Changing And Trending Nature Of British Family

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Family is a very important social institution and it can make people’s live in order and transmit value.In traditional view,The family consists of heterosexual,married couple and their own children in Britain.Adversely,a revolution in the British family structure occurred and changed.For instance,the divorce rate is vey high in Britain and a lot of people do not want to marry again so they choose cohabitation and homosexual marriage can be accepted and gay or lesbian marriage should be treated no discrimination and childlessness is becoming a very common phenomenon.This essay will analysis the changing and trending nature of British family from the perspective of economic ,politics and history etc.

Divorce is a common phenomenon and it is the main reason of changing family structure .Because female status changed and male has not dominated the family. In the past ,only the status of father and son are important ,all others can be ignored and women need to be silent when man are talking (Michael,1971). Women can decide the expenditure of household,however except for big item ,such as car,house .Because it will be controlled by their husbands who will pay out a further cost from his wages (J.Klein,1965). Because women just live rely on their husbands and they paid by husband .Besides women do not know how much they will gain and what proportion it takes place of men’ s wages .Family have became differently because of work roles and universalistic norms (Rapoport…

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