The Changing American Family : A Newspaper Entry From The New York Times With The Title

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For this assignment I chose a newspaper entry from The New York Times with the title “The Changing American Family”. I learned in lesson 1 that there is no true “definition” of family until you come to the political part of it that has to do with rights, benefits, taxes and so on, instead it’s really to each is own. A family could be two parents, one child and a dog, or it could be a mother and her child, in this day in age having one parent or even an unrelated guardian is almost “common”. Many people are considered lucky to have their biological parents still together growing up. Twenty to thirty years ago, though, it was very much looked down upon to have divorced or separated parents, in fact some people today still look down on it whether it’s because of religious views or trying to fit in with the norm, but who’s to say what family is when family is really what you grew up in and who YOU consider “family”. The article starts out by introducing a married couple, Kristi and Michael, what we read on to see is that both Kristi and Michael have been married not once but twice with children from their previous relationships. The article then moves on to describe three other families, one of which is a happily married couple with six kids, but instead of a man and women it’s two men. Some may have an issue with a gay couple with kids, others don’t think twice about it. The article states: “Researchers who study the structure and evolution of the American family express…

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