The Changes That Technology Brings Us Essay

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Dontae Weatherly



7 November, 2016

The Changes That Technology Brings Us

Technology has a major effect on our everyday lives. Therefore, as technology grows, changes, and advances fundamental changes are bound to occur. Because technology is man-made, we can control how technology is changing us. However, because of technology being so widespread and constantly advancing, we can’t resist change, change is inevitable. As technology advances its effect on our lives has grown as well, we largely depend on technology to complete tasks. Technology has a broader spectrum of how it affects us. Many people use technology for personal reasons, such as using technology to escape reality. Jane McGonigal, director of game research development at the Institute for the Future believes that gamers for example don’t seek to escape reality, that they seek the intrinsic rewards that the video games provide to fulfill genuine human needs that they feel like the real world can’t supply. McGonigal wrote, “But as they devote more of their free time to game worlds, they often feel that the real world is missing something.” (McGonigal) There is something that attracts these gamers and keeps them engaged to these virtual environments, something that reality doesn’t motivate them to explore. Positive psychologist call these attention grabbers “intrinsic rewards” which provide the foundation for optimal human experience. There is a strong stereotype regarding the effect…

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