The Changes Of Gay And Lesbian Rights Essay

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Over the years gay and lesbian people have had to deal with the ever changing laws and political reasoning to why they cannot have the same rights as everyone else. In 1899 it was decided that punishment for being found to be gay would change from execution to life in prison (Ranker, 2015). It is these laws that have held them down, that they are now fighting against to change. In this essay I will be discussing the changes of gay and lesbian rights over the years and the shift in society’s view of them.

The increasing number of individuals coming out about their sexuality has put more and more pressure on governments to give gay and lesbian people the same rights as heterosexual people. Due to the original idea that homosexuality is an illness or disorder; individuals have been disregarded from many different laws (Facts about homosexuality and mental health, 2012). In South Australia gays and lesbians are not allowed to adopt. This law also includes Queensland, Victoria and northern territory. The other states of Australia such as New South Whale, Western Australia and Tasmania all allow same sex couples to adopted. In fact it wasn’t until 2007 that the first gay couple was legally allowed to adopt in Western Australia (Same Same , 2007). Due to the association of aids and HIV with gay men, males who are gay are not allowed to give blood. This could largely be due to the fact that 80% of new HIV cases diagnoses are due to male to male sexual activities, however this…

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