The Change Process Of A Nurse Manager Essay

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Change is an ongoing process that takes place across peoples’ lives. Change is inevitable; it is essential for growth, which creates innovation, awareness, and creativity to generate new opportunities. Especially in the health care system, the change process is fundamental to provide efficient patient care. For nurse managers, dealing with the management of change can be challenging because it comes with resistance from the team members. Therefore, the nurse manager, as well her team members, need to be knowledgeable, competent, and have the leadership skills to maintain the expertise needed to carry out the complexity of the change management process. Change is a complex process where people can be passive, divergent, or supportive toward it. Regardless of these feelings, change is required to achieve advancement in the profession. Thus, this paper will explore the management of the change process by identifying a problem that a nurse manager need to resolve, driving forces that are leading the need to change, and applications of management, leadership, and motivational theories. Furthermore, the paper will discuss the role of the professional nurse in the change process and evidence from the literature to support the proposed change process.
A Problem that Need to be Changed As a nurse manager of a heath care facility, I have identified a problem that needs to be changed. So overutilization or overtreatment for patients is driving up the health care cost, as well as…

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