The Change Of Fitness Advertisements Essay

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The Change in Fitness Advertisements
Every day there is at least one or more fitness advertisements I pass and see. Whether it is when I am at the gym, reading a magazine, or even just sitting on the couch watching television. Fitness advertisements are everywhere. In the gym alone there is at least ten just in the free weights area, so put that into perspective and think about how many advertisements there is about bettering one’s health just at the gym. Advertisements are supposed to pull people in and want them to want what the specific topic that is being advertised. According to Jib Fowler, “advertisements appearing in national media can be understood as having two orders of is content. The first is the appeal to deep-running drives in the minds of consumers. The second is the information regarding the good or service being sold…” (Fowles, 1982, p. 275). Advertisements use emotional appeals to pull one in. Fowles splits these emotional appeals into 15 separate categories and every ad will at least fit into one of the categories that he explains. Fitness advertisements use his emotion appeals. Over the years the appeals might have changed, but I have found that all fitness advertisements use at least one of the same appeals. The prints are all connected from this one appeal even though they are all from different years and different companies.
Fitness ads in the early nineteen hundreds are extremely different than they are now. They had a different drive behind them.…

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