The Change Of A Change Agent Essay

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and the facility would ultimately benefit by retaining their staff and having higher patient and staff satisfaction.
A change agent is one who works to bring about a change in their environment. Although in the end, changing the way a facility motivates their staff and prevents burnout will benefit the nurses, patients, and the organization, being a change agent in the high-stress atmosphere of health care is not easy. Initiating change requires time, effort and energy (Sullivan, 2013). If willing, management and nurses themselves have the opportunity to change the system they work in to improve it. Discussing change is good, but how does one start to actually initiate the needed change? Fortunately, there are change theories that explain the change process and aid in producing the change. One change theorist, Ronald Lippitt identified seven phases of change, which is very similar to the nursing process: using assessment, planning, implementing and evaluating. Lippitt’s emphasis is based more on what the change agent must do, rather than on the development of the change itself (Sullivan, 2013).
In the first three phases, which falls under assessment, Lippit’s change theory begins by simply diagnosing the problem, assessing the motivation for change and the change agent’s motivation and resources. In these first three phases, focus groups can help identify the motivation of the staff and the barriers that may hinder the change (Mitchell, 2013). Phases four and five involve…

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