The Champ By T. C. Boyle Analysis

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The short story “The Champ” written by T.C. Boyle is about a young man that has been the champion and set multiple records. As strange as competitive eating may sound there are people that actually enjoy watching and/ or be apart of the contest. In “ The Champ” Boyle gives the reader an insight from the main character’s perspective. The story is about Angelo D., the main character, and how he starts the short story off as the champ. Although he begins as the champ with a variety of records set, Kid Gullet (Angelo’s challenger) is swiftly coming to snatch the crown from Angelo. Kid Gullet is climbing the charts taking down Angelo’s records without a problem. In contrast, Angelo is going through grueling training but is worried about Kid Gullet tearing down his hard owned records. Even though Angelo trains hard, it’s still …show more content…
I was fed up with losing, tired of being in last out of my friends. I requested for my older brother’s help, he was in middle school. The first day of training, my brother would come home telling me to eat and “get ready to die”. At first I thought he was serious but he was only trying to scare me. In reality my brother made me run a mile, which was timed. Then to the workout would sprint up and jog down hills. Everyday we repeated the same workout until the day before the big race. On the last day of the intense training my brother had a surprise for me. As soon as I got home I already knew to change my clothes and get some nutrition in my body. My brother came to me with a straight face, no expression was detected. He then said, “You’re gonna race me!” My heart pounding in my chest, butterflies going wild in my stomach, and thoughts flying around in my head. I wanted to seem confident so I said let’s go with a straight face just like his. Long story short even though I lost to my brother, that race prepared me for my four friends. They had no clue what was coming this next

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