Essay about The Challenges Of Working With Older Adults

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For my reflective essay I have chosen to look at the challenges of working with older people in a health and human service setting and in particular how this would challenge me to work as an effective practitioner in the discipline of nutrition.

In the last five years I have worked and spent time with older adults from different settings, some who are healthy and engaged in all areas of their lives, living independently and contributing to their community. I have also spent time with older adults who are determined to live out their years in their own home despite chronic pain, disease and social isolation and finally I have worked with older adults living in aged care facilities who have multiple conditions, prescribed multiple medications and have become so frail and dependent that almost all of their activities of daily living are supported by carers.

From spending time with older adults and particularly with those that are compromised by mental and/ or physical illness, I have observed that a significant challenge for this age group is their capacity to deal with stress. Lazareth and Folkman have developed a “model of stress” which describes that stress is caused by an imbalance between the demands placed upon us and our coping resources to meet these demands. *Reference. For older people it can often be the case that resources are harder to obtain in order to reduce stress in their lives and the additional challenges of ageing can impact this greatly. I have a…

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