The Challenges Of Women Empowerment Through Education Essay

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Humanity continued looking for an exit from its dark tube of great challenges like poverty, illiteracy, diseases and others over this miserable planet. Great efforts spent, millions of scientific researches done and thousands of inventions made, to develop human life and advance man’s mentality. Throughout history, humanity generated many scientists, artists and philosophers, who duplicated these achievements by discovering a great secret which was very hidden and ignored for centuries. This secret is the gender equality through all life fields. Many debates and arguments held, hundreds of books and thousands of articles written, and huge conferences and councils organized to prove woman’s right for being equal to man in participating his life missions and sharing his role in all fields. Therefore, education stays as the most important key to enable women to have their right role. So, for the advantage of all humanity, the national governments and educational institutions should face the challenges and find the methods of woman empowerment through education, in order to improve social, economic and political life aspects.
Poverty, gender stereotypes and institutional cultures are the most challenging factors on woman empowerment through education. “Poverty has a strong influence on gender equal access to education due to both direct and indirect costs of sending children to school” (European Parliament 8). Poverty prevented children to be educated properly. Many families…

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