Why Do School Become Undesirable

When School Becomes Undesirable.
When school becomes undesirable it can lead to many different kinds of challenges. Teens tend to act out and become defeated when school becomes a struggle, and the idea of quitting on your own terms seems better than failing at something altogether. Working with at-risk juveniles, I have encountered three main reasons why school becomes undesirable. Of course more reasons are out there but these have been the most consistent and recurring.
1. Bullying – I could do several long posts about bullying and really that would still be the tip of the iceberg. The truth is that bullying ruins lives. In today’s society we are seeing kids hurting themselves and even committing suicide over relentless and horrifyingly
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Due to fear of rejection by other peers, fear of backlash from the bully, or a general feeling of helplessness & isolation, bullying many times goes unreported.
I’m going to give you some signs to look out for that that may indicate your child is being bullied.
Bullying, while not preventable at all times, can be stopped, and needs to be addressed every single time. Contrary to some aging opinions, bullying is not natural, and does not build character. Bullying can lead to severe depression, isolation, and even thoughts of suicide and self-harm.
Signs of Bullying:
1. Unexplained injuries, marks or bruises. Every child can be a little clumsy from time to time. With growing bodies, racing hormones, and a general predisposition for not paying attention, kids often find themselves on the wrong end of injury. If your kid is coming home more frequently with injuries, marks, or bruising, it might be time to start asking some questions. If you have not noticed these marks, but have noticed that your child has started becoming modest all of a sudden, not wanting to take of his shirt in front of you, this could be an indication that they are covering up bruises or injury. It might be easy to overlook this as a sign of a growing

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