The Challenges Of When School Becomes Undesirable

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When School Becomes Undesirable.
When school becomes undesirable it can lead to many different kinds of challenges. Teens tend to act out and become defeated when school becomes a struggle, and the idea of quitting on your own terms seems better than failing at something altogether. Working with at-risk juveniles, I have encountered three main reasons why school becomes undesirable. Of course more reasons are out there but these have been the most consistent and recurring.
1. Bullying – I could do several long posts about bullying and really that would still be the tip of the iceberg. The truth is that bullying ruins lives. In today’s society we are seeing kids hurting themselves and even committing suicide over relentless and horrifyingly cruel bullying.
I want to be crystal clear. I want parents and guardians to understand that bullying is a life and death situation. You probably think I’m being over-dramatic here, but when it comes to the potential costs do you really even want to take that gamble? Bullying does not build character, it weakens the character and resolve of the victim, and is a major reason why school becomes undesirable.
2. Educational Issues – To clarify, in no way am I blaming educators or parents here! The truth is, educational issues come up. Not all kids learn at the same pace. Not all kids learn in the same way. Visual
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Frequently lost, damaged, or missing items, or money. This is a classic sign of bullying. Missing money, lost items, damaged or torn clothing, these are all signs that there may be something going on in your kids’ life that needs investigation. Bullies target kids with very little in the way of personal belongings about as often as they target those that seem to have more than average. Teaching your children to be responsible for their personal objects, and keeping an eye on them yourself, are two of the best ways to know what’s going in and out of your house regularly, and what might be missing or damaged as

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