The Challenges Of The Esl Learning Essay

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Some participants in this study also indicated some other challenges they had that affected their ESL learning. Helen said that being homesick had influenced her studies at the beginning of the program. “We now only have classes for 4 hours each day, so we have much spare time, and it is natural to be homesick when we have nothing to do.” Although she lived with a Canadian lady at a homestay, they did not have much to talk about. Besides, unlike most Chinese students, the place where she lived was not close to the campus, so she was far from her circle of Chinese friends. Sometimes, loneliness distracted her from her studies. Difficulties in daily conversations with local people sometimes made Helen less confident to speak English. For example, when she went to the bank to open an account after she arrived in Canada, she found it arduous to communicate with the teller, because she did not know enough banking terms. When being asked about other students’ challenges, Helen pointed out that some of the male students in her class were addicted to computer games. She guessed maybe they felt lonely and had nothing to do after class, so they occupied their spare time in the virtual world. Coincidently, Wilson was one of the students that Helen talked about. Wilson spent almost all of his spare time on playing video games with friends. He said it was because everybody around him was playing, and he just wanted to fit in. Eve’s issue was about housing. Her landlord was…

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