5 Single Mothers

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For my research project I chose to study single mothers in the work field. For the purpose of the paper I Interviewed 5 single mothers of all different race, age and economic background. The 5 mothers I interview were Jasmine-27, Kellar-42, Erica-21, Margo-48 and Morgan 48. I wanted to learn more about the complexities and dynamics of social inequality of these marginalized women. I also wanted a better understanding of the challenges each of the women face and how they each overcame inequalities. I interviewed each of the woman, I listened to each interviews’ story and I compared them to characters that we read in the novel Promises I Can Keep, Unequal Childhoods , I will explore each interviews’ educational upbringing and their work experience. …show more content…
Maya father is not a part of her life. He is 44 and lives in Nepal. Kellar got pregnant with Maya while she was teaching in the Philippines. When Maya was first born the father said that he would be committed to being a part of her life. After the the first year of her life, he quickly vanished from communication. When Kellar moved to the United States he never attempted to participate in his daughter life. Kellar on the other hand grew up in a two parent home. She grew up in concerted cultivation home because her parents mainly focused on her and her big brother. Her parents actively fosters and assesses child talents, opinions, and skills. 1st grade to 8th grade she went to public schools and high school she went to catholic school. She was a good student who didn’t have any problems academically. Kellar first job was at an ice cream store at the age 15 and then at the age of 16 she worked at Ryan’s steak house. She worked at various restaurants throughout college. Kellar usually had 1 or 2 jobs at any time during my college years, as well as Whole Foods. She said her motivation was still to have some spending money, since her parents were paying her tuition, they expected her to cover everything else. After she finished her undergraduate degree, she moved to Oregon, where she worked in a lab, for REI, as a rafting/rock climbing guide, and as a ropes course instructor. She continued to work throughout graduate school, and when I finished my graduate program. Kellar went on to work as a math and science teacher overseas. She worked at international schools in Romania and the Philippines for 7 years, before returning to the US to go to nursing school. She did not work while she was in nursing school, since my daughter was 1-2 years old during the time she was in school. She was in school full time and being single mom full time at this point. After

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