The Challenges Of Single Mothers

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For my research project I chose to study single mothers in the work field. For the purpose of the paper I Interviewed 5 single mothers of all different race, age and economic background. The 5 mothers I interview were Jasmine-27, Kellar-42, Erica-21, Margo-48 and Morgan 48. I wanted to learn more about the complexities and dynamics of social inequality of these marginalized women. I also wanted a better understanding of the challenges each of the women face and how they each overcame inequalities. I interviewed each of the woman, I listened to each interviews’ story and I compared them to characters that we read in the novel Promises I Can Keep, Unequal Childhoods , I will explore each interviews’ educational upbringing and their work experience. I will also looked at their life before motherhood and after. The last thing I will look more into is the women work experience which is …show more content…
57% percent of teens carry to term and deliver their baby. About 11% percent of births in the United States are teen’s birth, which is a high percentage. In American 134 out 1,000 girls African American will get pregnant and 131 out of 1,000 Hispanic girls will also get pregnant. This shows that the number of pregnancy in America is getting higher and higher. In Edin and Kefalas on page 68 it states “Many of these young women believe that children, not jobs or relationships with men, are their life’s work, and they face pregnancy with the strong determination to “do the right thing”—to have the child and embrace the role of the mother—even if it means giving up other opportunities.” Many mothers would put their kids before them because they want the best for their kids and that means their kids having better than them. Erica reminded me of this line because Erica was 21 years old going to Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University when she had her son Caleb. She decided it was best

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