Essay on The Challenges Of Racial Profiling

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The Challenges of Racial Profiling One of the challenging and harsh aspects of racial profiling is the alienation that different communities feel from law enforcements. Whether it is done rationally or irrationally, there are situations will people will feel disrespected, mistrusted, and discriminated towards. With this it could lead to people cooperating less with law enforcement agencies or lead to an increase in crime because of the legal system (Thomsen, 2011, p. 106). Another challenge of racial profiling is stigmatization which effects the impression that the group who is being profiled by police officers, members of the same group, and members of other racial groups. Using the practice of profiling can provoke irrational attitudes towards the target group and affects how they perceive themselves along with how the world perceives them (Thomsen, 2011, p. 106). Inequality is another challenge of racial profiling that causes social deprivation and leads to criminal supervision. Both have an effect on the incarceration, jobs, and lower income in communities, which can lead to damaged family structures and individual brutalization (Thomsen, 2011, p. 106).
Does it Work? Supporters of racial profiling could argue that using this technique benefits police to target criminals as well as making more arrest (Thomsen, 2011, p. 99). According to Reddick (2004) there is evidence that supports that if the United States allowed the Federal Bureau of Investigation to use…

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