The Challenges Of Overcoming Addiction On Methamphetamines By David Sheff

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David Sheff's book provides details of the challenges that parents go through as they try to confront their children's addiction to drugs. Towards the end, the author outlines his own journey to help his son overcome dependence on methamphetamines. Based on the fact that addiction is a common problem in America, Sheff (2008) writes on behalf of many parents who suffer in silence as they witness their youngsters turn into slaves of narcotics.


In his memoir, Sheff (2008) admits that nine factories in the US produce the substance known as methamphetamines. In reality, the compound is produced in clandestine laboratories since the manufactures understands the harm that their product causes. Methamphetamines is a highly addictive substance,
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Reading his memoir, one comes to appreciate that government agencies have failed to manage the war on drugs effectively. In my opinion, Sheff should have made his intention clear about hiring an attorney to sue the government for failing to curb the proliferation of meth in the streets, and thus destroying the lives of youngsters. Even then, I disagree with the fact that Sheff can wholly blame himself and not his son for the drug addiction. As a mature person in the university, Nic should have been able to understand the addictive nature of meth and resisted any temptation to overindulge. Therefore, I believe that Sheff is refusing to accept the reality that Nic takes a significant blame for his own addiction. During my upbringing, my parents were unaware of the many dangers that I faced, yet it was my responsibility to seek protection and avoid negative influence. According to my background, parents provide guidance to children but leaves one to make decisions in life. As such, one must learn to live with the consequences of their own choices without apportioning blame parents and other …show more content…
For instance, I have read about individuals whose dependence on drugs has caused them to break into financial institutions. In essence, drugs such as meth turn individuals into deadly risk takers. In fact, one of the best ideas that I have ever come across in my learning is that overcoming crime should begin by fighting drug cartels. Stories regarding how the selling of illicit drugs has become a multi-million-dollar industry is rampant to the extent that some of the dealers can bribe security officers in exchange of their silence. Thus, apart from the basic understanding that drug addiction is responsible for family challenges, it is also important to recognize its impact on security and crime rate. When young and ambitious people like Nic become dependent on drugs, the economy loses human capital, who actually supports the very same economy. Apparently, drug addicts will still need money to purchase the substances, yet they are not adding much value to the economy. Therefore, I believe that the government needs to take the war on drugs seriously, since the economy is losing extremely through sustaining addictive

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