Lincoln Electric Company Culture Essay

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Organizational culture is defined as a shared believe and assumption that shows people what is right and what is wrong behavior.Organizational culture has a strong tie with a company 's performance. An organization enjoys a competitive advantage when its culture is difficult to copy or imitate. Also if an organizational culture is the type that makes it impossible for the firm to adapt to adjustment and changes, it could be a disadvantage for its competitiveness depending on the industry they are. Organizational culture can also be used to control the employee behavior more effectively than the company rules and regulations.

Lincoln Electric Company was founded in 1895 by John C. Lincoln with capital investment of $200.00. In 1906 John relocated his company to Cleveland where he had built a three story building. John expanded his work force and sales grew also to more than $50,000 a year. John then preferred to be just an engineer and an inventor rather than a manager and that was how
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First, the company valued their customers so much and that was why James said "When any company has achieved success so that it is attractive as an investment, all money usually needed for expansion is supplied by the customer in retained earnings. It is obvious that the customer 's interests, not the stockholder 's, should come first. "and in 1947 he said, "Care should be taken ... not to rivet attention on profit. Between 'How much do I get? ' and 'How do I make this better, cheaper, more useful? ' the difference is fundamental and decisive." Considering this believe towards the customers, Lincoln Electric Company has one of the lowest prices in the market for their products and at same time maintain a very high quality standard to make sure that the company continue to put their customers needs and satisfaction first just as the founders

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