The Challenges Of My Bachelor's In Early Childhood Education

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I have learned a lot about myself through this course like about how you have to really watch what you say because it can either be stereotyping, bias, or racist. I watch how I put things because I learned that little eyes are watching you. I have seen that I have strengths like being empathetic, caring and kind to all the families and the children. I have patients with the children and listen carefully to what they have to say. I watch and correct with love if a child is showing signs they like someone or the are being racists. I understand the feelings of fear and sadness they have. The challenges I face is working with children from different cultures and trying to understand the way they are in their country. We have a lot of …show more content…
You need to understand their language and the way that children are raised and the culture from home to school. There is so much differences and the children can suffer from learning new languages, and the challenges of interacting with children. (G.Ramsey, 2015). We need to take it slow and understand the families have different ways and that they are set in their ways. Just to be patient with the cultures and try to understand where they are coming from. I ‘m trying to get my Bachelor’s in Early Childhood Education. I’m learning a lot from these classes and they are helping me to understand the cultural differences, and what the children are faced with. It helped me to see that things that are said to families and children can either be good or bad to them. I keep up to date by using my computer a lot to see things I can do to help in a cultural diverse world and to get ideas on how to help to understand the families. I do things like show and tell and bring mom or dad to school and have them talk about the cultural. I take trainings that will help with understanding the race, class, gender, cultures, and

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