The Challenges Of Making Your Brain Smarter?

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Training your brain the right way, will make you smarter, no matter what age.
Close your eyes, move your feet and smell the roses. What does this have to do with making your brain smarter — a lot. Your brain is a work in progress. Improve it or lose it. Here are ten stimulating challenges that will turn you into the genius you were always meant to be.
Brush your teeth like a lefty
Brushing our teeth is something most of us do daily. We really don’t put that much thought into it — but maybe we should. Since brain mapping shows us that creativity situates in the right hemisphere of our brains, experts suggest that we can stimulate this right brain by changing things up and working with our non-dominant hand. And it doesn’t matter whether you’re
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While the process may feel odd, the large network of connections and brain areas rarely used will be faced with an engaging task that’s interesting and challenging. Stimulating cells better helps your brain integrate its two hemispheres.
Art makes you smart
When was the last time you visited a museum? An educational study conducted in 2011 compared surveys from 10,912 students and 489 teachers at 123 different schools after a treatment group received a museum tour. Some groups were surveyed as late as eight weeks after the tour. Student participants and teachers received a one-hour tour of the museum. And they typically viewed and discussed five paintings.
Although some students were free to roam the museum following their formal tour, the entire experience took less than half a day. This is what happened. The students actually retained a great deal of information from the tour, recalling details at very high rates.
Beyond details, those students who received another tour, seemed to demonstrate a stronger ability to think critically about the art they were viewing. In fact, students who went on a tour became more observant — noticing more, and describing more details in an
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The study findings suggest that musical training might sharpen the brain 's response to language — aka, make you a little smarter.
Shower with your eyes closed

Hop in the shower and shut your eyes. Even if you drop the soap — that’s ok. Searching for the soap, shampoo while feeling the textures works you brain and helps make you smarter.
Using the fingers to make fine distinctions between objects or textures can rewire the brain areas involved in touch suggests Larry Katz, Duke University Medical Center. This has been true for monkeys trained to use their fingers to get food and in brain imaging experiments in blind human Braille readers.
Add a little spice to your life
Spice is the variety of life. And, adding spices to your cooking can make you smarter suggests Daniel G. Amen M.D., the Amen Clinics. Keep these spices on hand to improve your brain health:
• Use turmeric to decrease plaque in the brain, which may be responsible for Alzheimer’s disease.
• Use sage for boosting your

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