Systems Theory In Nursing

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Systems Theory
Organizational success is reliant on the inter-functionality of all its counterparts. Tackling the challenges of healthcare management requires both the individual unit level team and the organizational team working efficiently together for a common good (Marquis & Huston, 2015). Systems theory will be examined and applied to a healthcare setting to gain insight on the value of orchestrating union between all system components. A coronary care unit 's inputs, throughput, output, the cycle of events, and negative feedback will be reviewed. Additionally, an issue related to hand-off report will be examined with suggestions for improvement that will improve the culture and climate while supporting the organizational mission
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The CCU team is made up of a wide range of experiences. There are nurses with less than one year experience and many with greater than five years experience. The personalities of the nurses are varied. There are the nurses who are positive and negative. When working in groups, the strongest personality that outnumbers the group tends to take over the milieu of the unit. As a result, this environment can be dissimilar depending on the day and staff working. This dynamic milieu has a direct impact on the relationships with other departments such as the cardiac catheterization lab and the emergency department. The unit is equipped with the latest technology, and the nurses have supplies necessary to carry out care for …show more content…
Goals and objectives would involve meeting to discuss barriers and determine a new workflow. According to Manley, O ' Keefe, Jackson, Pearce, and Smith (2014), "once a shared purpose is agreed, ways of working that reflect it also needs to be agreed" on by the team (p. 1). When a common ground is established, devising a standard of practice that involves a mandated standardized hand-off report between the emergency room nurse and the CCU nurse. A worksheet could be created by frontline staff from both units. Additionally, team building efforts would need to be accomplished to rebuild the team energy. A department policy would need to be developed to serve as the standard and support individual accountability. Provision six of the Code of Ethics for Nursing infers that we are obligated to maintain and improve healthcare environments that are conducive to providing quality health care" (Fowler, 2010, p. 71). As a result, we should collaborate with all systems we come in contact with to develop a process that supports safe patients transition and

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